Top 5 Snare Drums For Metal Music

Why am I making a Top 5 Snare Drums For Metal Music?

Very simple – to help you make the decision that you can believe in and trust to help you go from a good sound to a GREAT sound.

For the many years we have been using a drum kit, the true search has been for a sound that makes us stand out and also punches through mixes both live and in recording environments, specifically for the best Snare Drums for Metal Music.

A very big misconception is that the sound is only in the snare drum itself, when in fact is in how you choose to tune or detune the drum and with what heads in which to place upon the drum.

So here is Dougie Blackwood’s Top 5 Snare Drums for Metal Music

Top 5 Snare Drums

Snare Drum For Metal Music 5.) Pearl Export 14″ Snare drum

Although a cheaper option in this list, it is very good at capturing dynamics and a sound that makes most metal drummers blush.


Pearl Export 14″ – Thomann

Snare Drum 4.) DW Collector’s Series Metal Snare 14″

Used by drummers such as Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan – this snare drum has the capacity to knock you on the ground and make sure you feel it from your head to your feet.


DW 14″ Steel Snare – Thomann

Top 5 Snare Drums For Metal Music​
Top 5 Snare Drums For Metal Music​

Snare Drum 3.) Pearl Matt Halpern Signature 14″

Matt Halpern has been coming up from the past ten years as a true model drummer and his grooves and style are much to be desired upon, to the point where my band mates themselves have asked if they could replace me with him (Which was greeted by a very pouty face). This snare truly tests if you are ready to truly take on a rim-shot produced from this beast.


Pearl Matt Halpern Signature Snare – Thomann

Snare Drum 2.) Ludwig Black Beauty 14″

I couldn’t call myself a good metal drummer if I didn’t bring up the legendary Black Beauty snare by Ludwig, this snare’s depth (8″) gives it room for low end and enough for a good ghost notes. I have only used this a couple of times and yet it has stuck in my head like a fly in an echo chamber. A true goliath for snare drums.
Top 5 Snare Drums For Metal Music​
Top 5 Snare Drums For Metal Music​

Snare Drum For Metal Music 1.) Pearl Joey Jordison Signature 13″

I am, and always will be, obsessed with this snare drum because it’s power and control. Be it from hardcore to metalcore and even grindcore or death metal, I use it for every recording and live gig with my band. Every time I give it a little love tap, it will respond and give out enough energy to last through the entire song, however it is not without it’s subtlety, to which I truly believe it stands out and gives the most out of the music it is playing – be it Metalcore, Death Metal or even Beebop – Other drummers will fear it when you use these drums as they will put others to shame.


Pearl Joey Jordison Signature Snare – Thomann

And there is Dougie Blackwood’s top 5 Snare Drums for Metal music.