Below is all the Music that I have been a part of or created myself. Including my solo work and my work with Arc Arrival as well. The pride that I have for every piece of work that I create or help to create always makes me happy to be a part of, there isn’t a single piece of work that I have been a part of that I still feel such joy to remember making theses works of art.


I hope all of you enjoy listening to the Music that I have helped to create as much as I had enjoyed creating it.

Dougie Blackwood

Dougie Blackwood

Bones - Single - 2022

This was a single which I grew very fond of when I was writing a lot of music for other projects, so I decided to keep it and release it fully under my own name.

Dougie Blackwood

For Me, A Memior - E.P. - 2021

My first E.P. to which I still feel great joy and a strong sense of achievement for creating.

Dougie Blackwood

A Farewell Rose - Single - 2021

These songs were written back in 2019 but I had lost the original demo’s, however I felt that it was right to release these songs as I felt they captured true feeling.

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Insight - Single - 2021

Bands Music

Amethyst - E.P. - 2022

As the name implies, this is a true gem in my opinion, the drumming for me was so much fun to work on and the vocals were an absolute joy to bounce off of each other in person.

Engineered To Die - Single - 2021

These songs were written and recorded before COVID-19, we didn’t want these songs to be lost to time and therefore we mixed them and had some vocals put over them to create two fantastic and highly energetic songs.

Arc Arrival

C.H.A.O.S - E.P. - 2020

A ‘Lockdown EP’ that we all created during the first lockdown during COVID-19, the songs were bounced back and forth multiple times before the final versions you hear now.

Arc Arrival

Wartorn - Single - 2019

This song was done in a single day and still turns out to be a great song for people listening, we always make sure that we add it onto our set lists.