Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The questions that I will be answering in these Frequently Asked Questions are questions that have been asked directly towards me. Either over social media or general conversation.


My first kit was given to me when I was 11, but didn’t start until I was around 14.

Yes, I play guitar, bass, piano/keyboard and I sing.

Which you can find my own songs that I show these skills HERE.

I would say my right hand as that is the hand I started playing with but I am ambidextrous. Which means I can play with both hands and feet with almost no difference. 

So many to choose from.


The Rev, Joey Jordison and Daniel Erlandsson are some of my top all time favourites.

For many years I tried to play in bands when I was starting out but no one wanted to really play music at my high school. It wasn’t until I had started in the band Crimson Mistress with my bandmate in Arc Arrival, Magnus “Bär” Kiemer, that I had my first band that we could gig, that happened when I was about 16.

In my many years of playing drums I can say I have developed and adapted to many different styles. So yes, very versatile. This means I can play many different types of music ranging from Pop, rock and Metal to Latin, Jazz and samba. I usually go by the feel of the music rather than the name of what the genre is. 

I play mostly in my band ARC ARRIVAL, which is a Metal group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I can read drum music quite well. Not as well as when I was in high school. I used to be able to sight read and however that skill has diminished over time. 

When I was very early on into Arc Arrival. I used to make a habit of writing my drum parts down whenever I was in the studio so I wouldn’t lose that skill.