Dougie Blackwood


I am Marc  McGuire also know as Dougie Blackwood, a drummer and drum enthusiast from Scotland. Since I was young drums and specifically metal drumming was a very great passion of mine. Throughout the years I have gained great knowledge of drums, drumming and a whole range of styles including Metal, Rock, Jazz, Latin etc.

I Hope that you will gain from my knowledge that I have gained throughout my many years as both a session drummer and a stable drummer in single bands. 

Drumming career and history

From playing in front of a crowd of 4 people to a crowd of 400 people. Experience is one thing I have plenty of. Both in front of the kit, behind the kit and also behind the stage. Even behind mixing desks.

I started playing drums when I was 11 years old but I seemed to have no drive to want to learn or play for many years. Until I heard Slipknot’s first album when I was 14, I had to rush home and try and play the songs. I persevered through making mistakes until I was able to play that album front to back on drums.  Then I set my sights on Slipknot’s “IOWA” and “Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses” and quickly I was able to play the songs that they had and moved on to bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine, then on to heavier material songs such as Archenemy and Children Of Bodom, etc.

Throughout those years I started playing in a Jazz Band. I learned more of what it means to be a drummer and to play the drums where the music is needed. Not only where I wanted to play. These would prove invaluable as even to this day I am able to sniff out certain fills or hear the music through the drums and help tell stories with my drumming.

Where did the name " Dougie Blackwood " come from?

The name Dougie Blackwood came from a love of theatrics and wanting to have a sort of onstage persona. This prompted me to create these names as a coupling. Dougie is a name that is very common in my Father’s family and Blackwood was my Mother’s Father’s name, so to honour both families as they are both mine I came up with Dougie Blackwood. Many people prefer to call me this although I do not mind if people use either name.